11 August 2010

bikefix Initial Review: Mavic Notch jersey

Not long ago, Mavic did a total makeover when it comes to their cycling apparel. Formerly responsible for the Adidas line of cycling clothing, Mavic chose not to renew their licensing rights and instead market the range under their own name. Mavic reworked the whole clothing line and the Notch jersey is one of the results of this new crop of clothing. Like the Tempo shoes I previously reviewed, it’s a quality piece of gear.

The Notch is considered their “Technical all mountain Jersey.” You can tell just from looking at the photo on Mavic’s website that it is a very breathable material. This is one of the qualities that drew my attention. It’s so breathable that you can almost see flesh underneath. It’s almost like riding without the jersey at all. I don’t know how the industry measures breathability in fabrics, but this thing must be close to the measurement for “naked”. The fabric is called “Airwick SL” and it seems fairly tough too. I smacked a sharp-ish tree branch with my torso and it gave the jersey a small snag on the front but it shows no other sign of the incident.

Of course Mavic had to blunder it with the colors. One of my pet peeves with apparel manufacturers is when they offer a great, high-tech, quality piece of hot-weather clothing that they then offer only in dark colors. OK- Mavic does offer a red version but you have to really like standing out because it is very red. The other two colors are black and "Kommando" (olive). I hate when companies do this- solar gain is real anywhere, but at altitude it‘s huge. I chose the olive color because I can’t wear that much red.

The fit is a bit small. I ordered a USA size XL knowing that Mavic tends to have that Euro-trim fit, but the Mavic person got confused and sent me an international size XL- which is a USA Large. It still fits quite well but I would like to see a tad more length to it (which I would have gotten with the XL). It has on long zipper across the back that opens up two separate mesh pockets. It isn’t the easiest zipper to open all the way, but like the rest of the jersey, it seems to be of high quality. I do like that I don’t seem to feel the zipper under my backpack when riding, which is sometimes a problem when you mix hydration packs and rear pockets.

If Mavic offers its “hot weather” trail jersey in a couple other colors that don’t absorb the sun as much, the Notch should be a hit for them. I like the notch a lot but I reach for other jerseys first. Yours for $ 60.



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