21 July 2010

bikefix Exclusive Review: TruVativ Noir XC 1.1 crankset

After the Race Face cranks I had been using for singlespeeding had an issue (see review), I was forced to find another crankset to use. Truvativ’s version is bred from their Noir XC 3.3 carbon mountain crankset but is a singlespeed (SS) specific crank. This was encouraging to me since the cranks they replaced shattered under singlespeed use. The Truvativs aren’t heavy at 740 grams (w/BB) but I would think Truvativ could make them a bit lighter considering they are carbon and only sport one chainring. Still, with the included carbon fiber guard, the Noir XC 1.1s are some of the lightest SS specific cranks out there, and I wanted to build this SS as light as I could while still maintaining strength and durability. These cranks are another case where the external bottom bracket is integrated with the crankset and the whole package looks and feels very solid and well made. For extra strength, these cranks have an aluminum spine which the carbon is wrapped or molded around.

After riding these for almost a year now, I can say that they are quite nice. I guess one of the best things I can say is that they do the job so well that I never think about them. I haven’t had one issue, or any other reason to fiddle with them or examine them. They are plenty stiff, although I can’t say how much compared to other cranks, but stiff enough that I feel no flex. They are good looking but not as sexy as some other cranks on the market. All in all, a very capable, light, tough singlespeed crank. They won’t be coming off my bike for along time. They are priced at $ 422 (plus $35 for a standard bottom bracket or $195 for a ceramic bottom bracket) but I have seen them for less.




rrguezz said...

Is that a new iron oxide based chain lube? Do tell...

Charles said...

That is a fine layer of red dust due to an abundance of chain lube, not rust.