21 February 2010

The bikefix Store is up and running!

After a few months of selling odds & ends, we've done a bit of a revamp to the bikefix Store and brought in a bunch of socks & arm warmers from Swiftwick, who make far and away the best socks we've tried. To celebrate, we're going to offer the first person to place any 2-piece order a free bikefix Podium Tee in the size and color of their choice. The offer is active as soon as this post goes live, so if you want some of the best socks or arm warmers and the comfiest tee we've tried, don't wait!

The idea with the store is to provide the sort of cool, hard to find products that we review here. If there's anything that you have trouble finding and would like us to carry, just let us know.

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