07 September 2009

bikefix Review Followup: Scrub Components brake rotors

You'll remember that last week, we posted Charlie's review of Scrub's Metal Matrix brake rotors. We thank Chris from Scrub for taking the the time to respond in detail. With premium prices come high expectations, making customer service even more difficult than usual...

Marc and Charlie,

Hey guys, thanks for the heads up about the review. I am sorry to hear that your experience was less than perfect, but we respect your opinions based on the time you spent with our product.

We pride ourselves in our customer service, and this is a core value of our business. I would like to follow up on the several comments that suggest that we refused to offer you replacement rotors. I went back through my email records and believe that these statements are somewhat misleading.

I have an email from you explaining that one rotor was slightly bent but within tolerance, and the other was more bent. You went on to explain that you were able to straighten them out with little trouble. Forgive me if I misinterpreted, but I understood this to mean that this was no longer an issue. In my response, I explained that the bent discs were an isolated incident that we have since rectified, and then followed with the statement, "We stand behind our products if these continue to cause you problems." Again, my mistake if either email came across differently than intended, but it seemed as though we were on the same page in this matter.

I obviously don't have a record of our phone conversations, but we have never refused to replace parts or offer something to fix the problem our customers have experienced. In fact, we have frequently replaced parts for customers who completely disregarded our instructions, with the hope to establish a reputation of top quality customer service.

In the end, we have nothing to hide regarding our products. We know they are not perfect yet, and take every comment, praise and suggestion very seriously in an effort to continually improve. Please let me know if you would like to discuss your experiences in any more detail, and thanks again!


and Charlie's reply:

Hey Chris,

Thanks for writing a well thought-out email. I probably could have been more vocal about what I thought should happen, but when you weren't that concerned on the phone, I really thought it was going to work out just fine. Honestly, it wasn't that big a deal until more time went by and then when I started writing the review it really got to me. I re-read my review a couple times before this and in fairness I think I made it clear to the readers you never "offered" me replacements- I never said I asked and was told no. I think the reason it bothered me more and more as I wrote about it is that these are very expensive rotors. At this price, if someone calls you and says they arrived bent, you shouldn't even pause before saying "we will send you a new pair right away." Your rotors cost 4-6 times what other rotors cost- if I bought a suspension fork for $4,000 and it showed up with a problem, I would expect a new fork without hesitation from that company.

I really think you are on to something and I hope you continue on successfully. If you want to replace them I would be happy to try a new set (and send you the old ones to examine). I would be happy to correct/add/change any of my findings to the review. Perhaps some of the other issues like noise and break-in time would improve too. Strangely, the heat (or something) from use seems to have made both rotors more evenly bent. Instead of a big wobble (there is still a little one), the whole breaking surface is out of line with the center. I don't know what it means and how it happened, but that's what it looks like to me.

Thank you for your concern,


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