01 June 2009

bikefix Review Update: Selle Italia Yutaak saddle

On a recent three day trip to Moab, my Yutaak saddle got quite a workout- and it broke. I actually didn’t notice at first, and it wasn’t until I had to lift my bike up that I realized the nose of the saddle had cracked all the way through. Believe it or not, but I haven’t replaced the seat yet. Because the break is forward of the rail attachment point, I can still ride it without too much trouble- the saddle is still solidly attached to the bike. I guess that the Yutaak is not really made for “extreme uphill”- or at least not with someone of my size crushing the nose. It’s too bad because it was wearing well and seemed to be a great all-mountain type seat. All Selle Italia need to do is beef up the nose with more plastic or metal. For those of you who are looking for a downhill saddle or are considerably lighter than my 185lb, the Yutaak may still be a good choice. Big boys may want to look at some other options.



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