24 March 2009

bikefix Exclusive Review: Arundel Dave-O bottle cage

One day, the Carbon Fiber Gods looked down on the humble aluminum water bottle cages supporting bottles on bikes across the land and saw that all was not good. The CFGods were offended by the aluminum tubes' lack of flowing lines. They were appalled by the unsightly marks left on team-issue water bottles. They were insulted by the aluminum cages' flagrant obesity and moved to action.

The CFGods, being unrestrained by the tyranny of mere metals, saw fit to experiement with the form of what mere mortals knew as the bottle cage. As often hapens when experimenting, some eggs were broken and some ugly ducklings were born (though not from the broken eggs). Some emerged sexy, lithe beauties. Others were argumentative and unfit to perform the task for which they were created. Most were pricier than those which they replaced- but anything less would be an insult to the carbon downtubes on which they sat- and they were quicly adopted by the fickle mortal public. Early on, some set themselves apart from their siblings. Handsome, reasonably priced and easy to live with, they reproduced frantically and were soon firmly grasping flagons from sea to sea, pole to pole.

The God Arundel had the unique ability to curl his tongue while bending its tip skyward. It was from this heavenly tongue that the Dave-O was cleaved. Despite being labeled with a word oddly reminiscent of one naming the rider's saddle contact patch, the Dave-O held bottles with a (somewhat desperate) lover's embrace- tight but with a true lover's willingness to let go. Its weight was a pleasing 30g and its stickers' colors were many. The Dave-O was at times shiny, very shiny and matte and it could be had for a modest $50 at bicycle emporia- three times more dear than the humble but well-respected Blackburn Switchback but a bargain next to the aloof and anorexic Tacx Tao. Most importantly, its looks agreed with many riders and their steeds, on which many Dave-O found happy homes. One fine spring evening, upon Arundel's Dave-O was bestowed the appellation of bikefix pick and the CFGods smiled beatifically.



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