11 January 2009

bikefix Review Update: Soulcraft The Convert chain tensioner

After our Soulcraft Convert review was posted last month, we recieved an e-mail from Soulcraft head honcho Sean Walling. Being the responsible designer and business owner that he is, he wanted to talk through the problems I've been having with the Convert. Over the course of a long conversation, we determined that I had failed to use the 8s chain recommended by Soulcraft. Sean theorized that my massive fixie chain wasn't sitting in the roller's groove properly and may have been trying to 'walk' up its edges, moving the convert and creating the slack I've been seeing. I finally got down to Bikeworks last night and have a new 8s KMC chain (as recommended by single speeder extraordinaire Matt, who dropped by the shop while I was down there). Once that's all up and running, I'll let you know how it works!



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