28 September 2008

Interbike Overload (1)

Well, we're back from Interbike. Seeing as our hotel wanted $18/day for internet access, we decided to go offline for a bit and just enjoy the experience. Overall, there was loads of neat stuff, but not so much that blew our socks off. The attention to detail in everything from frames to helmets and shorts is truly amazing. We spent a good deal of time with Mavic, Castelli and Gore going over their 2009 lines as well as smaller companies like Union and Ecopurna who are doing some very interesting things with natural and recycled fabrics. We won't go into a ton of detail, but these are a few of the things we spotted, starting with Rawland's pimp bullmoose bar revival.

Acros has a slick threadless headset pretensioner that works along the same principals of Easton's stepped pretensioner- except that it apparently works...

Anil from Museeuw even stood on the flax/carbon fiber front wheel from a 1000g set to show off its strength. Sure enough, after getting off, the wheel was still true (the axle wasn't doing to well, though).

Finally, Mavic (nee Adidas Cycling) has a pretty amazing line, including these sweet Mantra all-day trail shoes, which come with stiff-but-walkable carbon soles, aggressive outsoles, and dedicated shoe covers for when the weather gets nasty (doesn't it always?).

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