07 August 2008

bikefix Guest Review: Maxxis Tubeless System rim strips

Despite his having left town for Durango, 'Burque ex-pat Matt Turgeon remains a bit of a local legend. A tireless mountain bike activist, single speed distance freak, and well known blogger, he was instrumental in getting the epic New Mexico Off Road Endurance Series rolling. Looking at his blog recently, we saw that he'd had a go with Maxxis' sub-$3 tubeless rim strips. We've always thought that Stans' price for rim strips was a bit steep, and McTurge seems to be having good luck so far:

Recently, I ordered up some tubeless rim strips from Maxxis at a mere cost of $2.85 each- 1/10th of what that "other" guy charges. My initial thoughts was hey these strips are too wide, but turns out they are designed for three dimensional use, as opposed to the Stans. The edges of the strip bend up and outward to clip over the sidewalls of the rims and with it comes a bead seat all made of rubber.

You can see the strip sticking out here as it clips the edge of the rim. Set-up was snug and tight and this just seems so more secure than the other kind where you hope it fits. I did leave in the rim strips- Ritchey plastic snap-in type- they are so light anyway and cover the spoke holes. I put on an old stretched out Kenda tire on the front and a brand spanking new Maxxis in the rear. The only thing you have to do is make sure the Maxxis strip falls backs in place once you put on the tire.

So all of this took less than 15 minutes. Amazing. I've spent hours with the other setup and always felt compelled to "not mess with it" once I got it set up. This one seemed so easy that I can envision more tire swaps.

The strip also allowed me to run lower pressures than I've been able to in the past- 22-psi in the Kenda and 18-psi in the Maxxis, without the threat of burping. Oh- and even better than Stans strip is that you DO NOT have to drill out the air valve hole.

Only downside is the weight - 105 grams so I only gained ~100-grams over the Stans kit. But for the added security, I'll take it.

I ran the Maxxis Crossmark on the rear and I'm happy to say that it IS a good singlespeed tire. I ran a Kenda Karma 1.9 up front and that would be a great race setup- it's a very light, fast tire.

Sweet! Maxxis rocks!



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