09 May 2008

cycling: safer than sex.

With Bike To Work Day coming up next Wednesday, we thought we might mention a couple of cycling-related facts. Riding to work allows many of us to kill two birds with one stone- getting to work and getting a ride in. Even if it's a couple of days a week, it's a great way to start the day and to put the stresses of work behind at its end.

Of course, there is a perception that riding to work can be dangerous. While its nothing to be taken lightly, so is driving. As frame builder Dave Moulton puts it, "If you rode your bike non-stop for 114 years, which is one million hours, your chances of being killed on the road would be roughly 1 in 4. In that same period, your chances of dying of natural causes would be at least 99.999%." Interesting math, but the fact remains that you're twice as likely to die in the car. You'll also be fighting off heart disease, pollution and congestion. If your commute is 20mi or under, you'd be surprised how little of a burden riding in is and of course, it's cheaper than driving and tends to cut down on unnecessary errands. Use Monday's ride as a recovery day and take Tuesday off and you may well be riding stronger come Sunday.

Its not an option for everyone, but is probably viable for more folks than tend to believe it....

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