01 April 2008

bikefix Review Update: White Industries Eric's Eccentric ENO hub

As is our standard practice, we contacted White Industries after publishing our review of Eric's Eccentric ENO rear hub. Lynette was kind enough to get back to us with some comments. We wished out loud that we could use concentric mounting bolts on the Eccentric hub. It turns out that it is possible, though you'll need some parts:

You mentioned you would like the hub to be able to convert from eccentric to concentric. We agree but, unfortunately, the interface between the eccentric axle end and the axle will not allow it as there isn't enough room for the larger 8mm bolt. The end user can easily convert by purchasing a new concentric axle and new concentric axle ends. The conversion is a simple matter of changing out the axle and axle ends (bearings are the same size). The cost to convert is about $60.00.

One more note: a caveat to running the freewheel on the fixed side. We do not recommend running the freewheel on the fixed side since the thread contact area is half that of the freewheel side. There is a much greater chance of stripping the threads when only half the freewheel is mated to the hub, of course, we know people do run it as free/free, but it does void the warranty on the hub.


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