30 March 2008

Crank Brothers 2008, Giro Eyewear

It's spring 'round these parts... Warmer weather, yard work, blossoming trees and dry trails. Of course, it also means new and shiny bits at the shop. Danny got the racing bug yesterday, so Richaround and I got to spend some quality time with the other Dan, ogling his goodies. Ever since Interbike, we've been looking forward to Crank Brothers' new for 2008 wheels, external BB cranks and Directset headsets. The cranks have apparently been shelved, and the wheels are a month or so out, but the extremely clever headsets are available. The Crank Brothers Directset is essentially a cartridge integrated headset bearing with a skirt hanging off of it so that it can be pressed directly into standard (non-integrated) frames. Obvious in sort of a why didn't I think of that kind of way, but they clearly beat me to it. The result is a 65g (plus 25g preload assembly) headset. There is some nice laser etching on the cups and top cap and 28 balls at each end. Price at Bikeworks (for the XC/stainless or Cobalt SL version) was under $110, and everyone was wishing that they had a build to stick one on.

The Dans also finally have the full line of Giro eyewear in. While the range-topping Havik are Italian made with Zeiss Certified lenses, the more reasonably-priced Semi, Instigator and Convert are made in the far east but still have beautiful lenses. While the half-frame Semi unfortunately don't sit right in my lumpy nose, the Convert hold my medium-sized head and nice enough to wear off the bike. All of Giro's glasses have shortened arms (so as not to interfere with their helmet retention systems). Several lenses start at $90, while those with arguably nicer Rose Silver and Clear Silver lenses run a full $30 (25%!) more. Interestingly, the Grey Green are said to increase contrast in bright conditions, which might be nice on the road or for the desert. Expect a review from Charlie and/or myself before too long. Here, Rich is shown sporting his new Instigators, which fit his decidedly man-sized noggin very well.


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