23 March 2008

bikefix Exclusive Review: Pedros Hex Pedal Drivers

More tools. I really like a well thought-out, well made tool that meets a specific need. Over the past few years, many pedal designers have, in the interest of simplicity and weight savings, done away with the 15mm wrench flats for attachment (to the crank) in favor of 6- or 8mm hex sockets in the end of the spindle. This is a good thing, because far more people carry hex wrenches on rides than 15mm open-end wrenches. However, as anyone who’s tried to remove a stuck pedal knows, sometimes you need a really big wrench to get them unstuck. From experience, I can tell you that it's a Very Bad Idea to use a cheater bar on a generic Harbor Freight hex key. Pedros have apparently heard the cries and seen the skinned knuckles and come out with some really stout pedal-specific hex wrenches.

These things are cool. They’re about 8in long, and look like the bastard offspring of a ball-end Allen key and Craftsman screwdriver. The ball end is good for getting the pedals on quickly, and the screwdriver handle provides plenty of surface for cranking on. That’s it. They’re big, badass hex wrenches. Good for tightening single speed hubs and Soulcraft chain tensioners, too, but try to go easy on other parts of the bike. Available in 6- and 8mm sizes from Pedros for between $12 and $15 with a lifetime warranty, and the handles are now black.



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