13 February 2008

off to the races

I wanted to do a review of some fantastic WickWear socks tonight, but unfortunately they're buried in the car, along with the camera. So, let's talk riding music. Music is invariably subjective, and of course you really shouldn't ride on the road whilst listening to headphones, but these mixes really keep me going during the long laps between midnight and sunrise...

DJ Never Forget's Second Class: the Story of a Laptop DJ: It's a free download and my favorite of his... I'm not down with all the genre names any more, but some Rapture, some Scissor Sistors, and some Sebastian Tellier provide enough variety and vocals to keep things from getting dull... Going to Work Mix and Team Summer Rations Mix are along the same and quite good as well...

If you like dub or cheeky Beatles mashups, check out Kid Kameleon. His DittoEcho Mashup Mix is funky and dub-y and work well on the single speed. Absolutely Shocking has is more dubstep focused- not usually my cup of tea- but makes for a pretty cool descending soundtrack.

Heck, they're free, so there's no harm in a listen... Have a good weekend.

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