18 January 2008

Tomac bikes back in shops

After an awful start under American Bicycle Group (owner of Litespeed, Merlin and Quintana Roo), in which the name was hurt by extensive Eli frame failures, bitter dealers and poor after-sale support, Tomac re-emerged last year with new ownership and all new designs. Unfortunately for most, Johnny T's name was only available through mail order and a handful of related shops. Now, Tomac is reaching out to IBDs. Even if not a dealer, any IBD can now order Tomac bikes and an order of three bikes can make them an authorized dealer. We're glad that Tomac's realized that it will take dealers on the ground to help the name back to its feet.



Frank Michel said...

I think ABG is going out of business. They are being sued by many companies for outstanding bills.

bikefix said...

c'mon Frank- we need more info than that! What's the story with Merlin/Litespeed/QR?