23 January 2008

bikefix Exclusive Review: Archer Farms Organic 100% Real Fruit Strips

I know- these clearly aren't bike parts, but we have to make exceptions from time to time, especially when something kicks so much ass. If you're like me, you eat all day long. Could be the regular exercise, could be not-always-thrilling desk job, but I am always snacking. 6:00- breakfast. 10:00- snack. 11:30- lunch. 1:30- apple. 2:30- snack. 5:00- dinner (or pre-dinner snack). 8:00- snack. My days are marked by meals, and I'll be darned if I don't look foreward to each and every one.

It's not purely a mechanical thing, either. I like food that tastes good. Even better if it's good for me. Enter Archer Farms' Organic 100% Real Fruit Strips. Sold at Target for $2.99/10, these are really, really good. Nothing but fruit. Softer than the fruit leather sold at Trader Joe's or Wild Oats, but chewy enough to, um, chew, these are 45 calories apiece and made of nothing but fruit (apples, apple juice, strawberries, etc). The strawberry ones have recently changed and become even more freaking awesome. There are several flavors, they're good for you, and they're cheap. Of course, a fresh apple or orange would probably be better, but they wouldn't keep nearly as well in a glovebox, messenger bag or desk. Yes, you'd burn one in under 5 minutes on the bike, but if you're sitting at a computer or in the car, you could do much worse, and they're good for kids too. Thirty cents!



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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip!
I'm getting some today!