19 November 2007

Crank Brothers: more 2008 info

Some of Crank Brothers' 2008 stuff has started trickling onto their website, and it looks mighty sexy... The directset headset, in which the cups and outer races are one look to be insanely light- the Cobalt SL (XC/Stainless) version only 65g, which just a shade over half a Chris King (and the same money, at $130). You can save another 7g with the Ti version, but it'll set you back an insane $300. It should be noted that the Iodine (all mountain) and Opium (freeride) versions, as well as the less expensive steel (non-stainless) versions are still under 70g, which is impressive.

What we're really interested in, though, are the wheels. No word on availability, but we do have weights and pricing. Sadly, both the Cobalt and Iodine will likely come in within $75 or so of $1000, which was higher than we'd hoped. That said, they are being hand built in California, and the Cobalt version will weigh in at 1560g for the set. Not too light, not too heavy. 6 pawls will take turns (in sets of 3) engaging 48 teeth per revolution. They're not being described as UST, though, which is odd, seeing as the design looks to be perfect (no holes through the rim). We'll keep an eye out, but they sadly may be beyond bikefix's budget for the time being...


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