21 June 2010

bikefix Quickie Review: MXDecal replacement decals

I'll be the first to admit that I like to like how my bikes look. While appearance isn't the first consideration when building a bike, it certainly is a consideration. When I bought a RockShox Reba Team last winter, it didn't take long for the red decals to come off of the fork- they just didn't look right on my bike. After a few months rocking the stealth look, I figured that I'd have a look online for some non-red replacements.

Formerly known as TwoDollarDecal, the eBay Seller MXDecal offers die-cut decals for about $5 shipped from Mexico City. They can be cut in a wide range of colors (white, black, silver, medium green, apple green, red, pink, medium blue, dark blue, orange, gold, yellow, brown, olympic blue), but I thought black would work well on my black ML7. I figured it was worth a shot and clicked "buy it now."

Within a week or so, a small envelope showed up with some nice, sharply cut decals. The material is on the thin side, but that proved to be an advantage when applying the decals over the Reba's bulged lowers. I cleaned the legs with isopropyl alcohol before application and they went on cleanly, without bubbles. It's a bit silly, but for under $5 they're a cheap way to bring the fork into the overall look of a bike. These decals aren't available for a huge range of makes or models, but I politely asked the seller for a Revelation set and they were able to add those to their catalog within a few days- so those are now on the way. For being cheap and high quality, they're a bikefix Pick. Tell 'em bikefix.net sent you.



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