16 June 2010

bikefix Initial Review: Edge Composites Mountain Sweep handlebar

One of the Issues that 29ers tend to have is that, with a large front wheel and long fork, the height of the handlebar often ends up higher than the rider prefers. This has lead to a tendency to run stems inverted (Which bothers me for some reason) and to move away from riser bars back to flat bars. Unfortunately, most of the flat bars out there were designed for XC racing and are quite narrow. For the most part though, 29er folk prefer a wider bar for more leverage, and even more so when the 29er is a singlespeed (which many are). In the last few years we have seen some companies try to fill that gap with aluminum bars but we haven’t seen any carbon bars of decent width- until now.

The Edge Mountain Sweep bar is a flat carbon bar which comes in at 700mm (27.5 inches) wide and only weighs 175grams. My singlespeed 29er was set-up with riser bars originally, and I knew right away that I wanted to lower their height. I left them on for awhile though because nobody was making a bar I really wanted to put on there. Weight is important on a singlespeed so when this Edge bar became available, I quickly scooped it up. My biggest concern was whether it would be stiff enough. After a number of rides I can say that it is as stiff as any carbon riser bar I have tried. I can see the stem, frame, and fork flex before the handlebar- so it’s more than stiff enough. They are the perfect width for a singlespeed too. These are light, stiff bars that still ride very comfortably.

Edge is renowned for their carbon expertise and for making everything really strong and tough. There are kids downhill racing on their carbon rims. The Mountain Sweep bar looks like no exception- when you pick it up; it feels strong and substantial in your hand. On the trail it has so far performed flawlessly. Stiff, but still comfortable. I assume it’s still damping small vibrations as my hands don’t ache at the end of a ride like they do when I use aluminum bars. They are currently only available in a 9˚ sweep which is perfect for me and retail for about $168.




Anonymous said...

is your maverick a 29er? is so how is it compared to the 26er. ml8 or durance? i am really curious about that.

bikefix said...

Dear anonymous,

I will write an article on 29er's vs. 26ers in the near future. For now, the short answer is that they are both great. The ML8 and Durance are both 26 inch wheeled (only) full-suspension bikes which we already reviewed- hopefully you can find those old reviews on our website. They bike in the picture is a one-off 29er hardtail from Spot bikes with a Maverick paintjob- so it's actually a Spot. They make cool stuff too. Maverick has no hardtails or 29ers at the present time.