26 April 2010

bikefix Update: Smartwool Rambush shorts

Well it turns out that the sizing of my shorts was a mistake and I had a pair of mediums that showed up with a “Large” tag on them. Smartwool was kind enough to send out a new pair of shorts and acknowledged that a few early production shorts went out mislabeled.

I was correct when I said these are some of the best shorts I’ve ever owned though- they really are. The fit of the proper large is perfect for my 34-35 inch waist. Now that the snow has melted I’m going to use these non-stop until it gets too hot. Speaking of heat, I really want a pair of these shorts designed for the desert. Although I love the material and the fit of the baggy shell on the Rambush, they aren’t designed for the hottest days. I can wear them into the high 80’s, maybe low 90’s if it is cloudy. The Rambush isn’t inherently warm mind you, but they only come in very dark colors and the shell could breathe better. In the desert Southwest dark colors are difficult in mid-summer. You can ignore the heat issues if you live in cooler parts of the country.

So that’s my only request, give me a pair with a light tan or light grey outer shell, perhaps with some “breathing” mesh sewn in for good measure. Last time I asked for something, Smartwool sent it out quite quickly- maybe I’ll get my wish this time too. That'll be a bikefix pick if there ever was one.



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