08 March 2010

bikefix Initial Review: Charge Spoon saddle

Charge is a fun, trendy bike company out of Britain that is best known, if at all in this country, for their affordable, cool, and well-built bikes. They also make some nice components and I recently happened to grab a Ti-railed Spoon saddle in brown for a special project I was building. I took a chance on it because all the British mountain bike magazines were gaga over how comfortable it was. US distributor BTI picked up Charge a year or two ago and since they operate out of New Mexico (like me) it was an easy chore to order one.

I’ve mentioned the subjectivity of saddles before so suffice it to say that I find the Spoon very comfy. It’s of average width and length for a saddle (140 x 280mm) and isn’t particularly high-tech. It just seems very comfortable. The best I can tell is that I have medium width sit-bones. I like the minimalist design and the look of the perforated leather. The Spoon hits the scales at around 210 grams (Ti railed versions- Cromoly-railed version weighs 269g) which is pretty damn light for what I like to call a “happy saddle.” It comes in black, white, or brown but only the black is available in real leather. I only have about 200 miles on it so far, but every time I sit on it, I think to myself “maybe I should change-out some of my other saddles to the Spoon.” Any local bike shop that is set up with BTI should be able to order you one. The brown looks particularly good on retro or swoopy looking bikes. They make the Spoon with titanium rails and CrMo rails. The real leather version with Ti rails retails for $100, Pleather with Ti rails goes for a very reasonable $80, and the Cromoly-railed version is less than half that price.