14 September 2009

bikefix Exclusive Review: Zoic Paramount jersey

I don’t buy Zoic apparel much, but I don’t know why. I like all the Zoic pieces I have; I just don’t go into the shops that carry Zoic very often. This Paramount jersey came directly from Ashley at Zoic for me to try and it is now one of my favorite mountain biking jerseys.

The Paramount is a loose fitting jersey that is designed for mountain biking. It is understated in that it is one solid color- which I really like. Why are there so many multi-colored jerseys out there? It is available, however, in four different solid colors: orange, moss green, dark brown and light gray (Zoic uses other “fancy” names for these colors but that is what I am calling them). The Paramount is part of Zoic’s “ee” line which stands for Environmentally Enlightened. In this case it means that it is made of 57% Polyester and 43% Bamboo Active Carbon- the Bamboo being the “enlightened” part because it is organic material and extremely renewable. It has a single large zip pocket on back, which I usually don’t like since I can feel the zipper pressing into my back from the weight of my backpack, but I didn’t notice it much with this shirt. For those of you that ride with tunes (I don’t, and I don’t really recommend it) there is a sleeve-mounted iPod pocket. If you check the Zoic website there is a long list of features for this shirt- most of which every jersey on the planet also has. However, two of the features I like most are the lack of a neck tag (love that) and a the front zipper locks in place when folded down. There is also a specific small back pocket for your key (or whatever else you want that is about key-sized) which is kind of cool.

The wicking properties of the Paramount are right there with other light-weight polyester jerseys that you can find. If I had to guess, I think the Bamboo sacrifices a tiny bit of breathability over a pure poly blend, but it is so close that it isn’t an issue. I wear this shirt in the middle of summer and it is fine. On the trail, there are times I feel like I might be cooler in some of my other jerseys but it’s hard to say for sure, and at the end of my ride I’m happy in the paramount for its soft feel and loose cut.

The only issue with the Paramount may be the durability. I say “may” because my dryer sucks and is known to ravage all garments equally. Almost all my polyester jerseys get beaten down by my dryer. I bring to your attention though because it seems that the Paramount is a bit ahead of schedule in its destruction. In fairness to Zoic, the tag says “tumble dry low or line dry” and I suspect that many people line dry all their cycling clothes. I only line-dry my wool though- because I’m lazy, and someone has to harshly test these cloths for you guys. The Paramount sells for an almost cheap $45.




Chris said...

Thanks for the review Charlie. Can you tell me something about sizing? What is your height and weight (in the pic?) and which size are you wearing? Thanks,


bikefix said...


I am 5'10" and about 195 lbs. I am wearing the large size jersey.