05 May 2009

bikefix Exclusive Review: ProFoot 2oz Miracle insole

I've got some funny feet. Relatively normal in width and length, they're pretty flat and very low volume, which means that my riding shoes' ratchets are always close to bottomed out and street shoes' eyelets nearly touch their opposites. While my feet hadn't bothered me much for the first ten years or so of my riding career, as I started doing longer rides and races, numbness and discomfort began to surface more and more regularly.

Having tried several sub-$100 pre-formed and heat-moldable insoles, I was ready to give up on the idea. While the support was, at least in theory, good for me, the high arch support built into most of these increased not only my discomfort but the numbness as well. One day, while aimlessly trawling the aisles of my local Target, I came across ProFoot's 2oz Miracle insoles. The 2oz Miracles claimed to "instantly mold like custom orthotics" thanks to one of my favorite materials- memory foam. For $5 or so, I figured that they were worth a shot.

Built with a small amount of somewhat firm EVA foam arch support at the base and a memory foam top, the 2oz Miracle are superlight (actual product weight is 1.1oz or 31g) and very thin- perfect for the inside of cycling shoes. The as seen on TV style testimonials on the box ("My feet have never felt better," claims Michael M of Simpsonville SC) don't exactly instill confidence, but out came the scissors (they trim to match your existing insoles) and into my riding shoes they went.

Initially, the 2oz Miracles feel like any other spongey insole. Within an hour or so, however, they take the shape of the foot and become extremely comfortable. Far more so than the $60 heat-moldable sport insoles they replaced and more than the stock Shimano insoles. For the past two years, I've actually put 2oz Miracles in my casual and dress shoes as well- despite a closed-cell foam top, they don't seem to get unduly hot and I'd even go so far as to say that they've reduced my knee pain (possibly by better supporting my foot?).

My complaint (singular) is minor. I can get about 8 months' hard use out of a set before my big toe (always the big toe- apparently I push down hard with it) wears through the insole and they become uncomfortable there. But for $5-7, its hard to be too critical. Last time I went to find a set, they were no longer at my local Target (too bad- most came with $2.50 off coupons in the box, which I pulled out and used at the time of purchase) so I had to order from Amazon.com- $15.82 for three.

The ProFoot 2oz Miracle really work well for me. The low profile works well in snug cycling shoes and they provide just enough support for my feet. While I'm about ass far from being a medical professional as one can get, I'd recommend them as a first pass to anyone who experiences discomfort or numbness while riding. As an added bonus, they'll probably shave a few grams of rotating weight from the pedals. They're available in men's and women's sizes and are so cheap that they're certainly worth a shot. For me, they're a bikefix Pick.




Matt said...

Interesting......I love Sidi Shoes, but always pull out their insole and replace with the Specialized one. I might try these instead.

Unknown said...

I'm trying them the next time I can get out and ride.