20 May 2009

bikefix Exclusive Review: Clif Shot Bloks

I won’t do too many food reviews over my tenure at Bikefix, but every once in awhile you get inspired. I don’t like food reviews because everybody is so different in what they can eat and how it affects them. I like Shot Blocks so much that I had to share them with you so that you can at least try them once if you haven’t already.

Cliff is a neat company because it tries to keep all its ingredients natural and organic. The Shot blocks are 95% organic and the list of ingredients is reasonably short. The main energy sources for the blocks are Brown Rice Syrup and Evaporated Cane Juice. This gives the Shot Blocks about a 50/50 ratio of simple to complex carbohydrates. I have found that I like some sugar (aka simple carbs) along with my superior energy sources (complex carbs) -it just seems to make me more satisfied and happy. This can be very important mentally when you are struggling on a big ride. They also have some sodium and potassium to help with electrolyte loss.

Shot Blocks taste pretty good too. I like to say they taste like inferior gummy candy, but that is unfair to the Shot Blocks. Perhaps “different” would be a better word than “inferior”- or perhaps a bit of both. They are divine when you are hungry and tired though. I don’t advocate only eating Shot Blocks on really long rides- they are a supplementary food on those types of rides, but on shorter rides around 2-3 hrs, I can get by just on shot blocks (and maybe one gel-type food). They come in a bunch of flavors and are also available with a half-shot or full-shot of caffeine. My favorite flavor is Black Cherry.

They come wrapped 6 in a row (about 2 gels' worth of energy), and are easy to eat with gloves on as you can squeeze them out of the packaging like an Otter Pop. So give them a shot (excuse the pun) and see if they work for you. My local bike shop sells a package of 6 for $2.00.




David said...

How on earth is this an Exclusive Review? It's only two months after this review.


Two years after this review


Two months after this one


bikefix said...

Just like most all of our reviews, it is exclusive not because nobody else has reviewed it, but because bikefix is the only place you'll find it.