30 April 2009

bikefix Review Update: Lezyne 3L Reservoir

Back in October, I mentioned that I really liked that this bladder didn’t leak. But after spending about 3 months of the winter dormant in my garage collecting dust, it started leaking. I have to admit that it stayed unused so long due to 2 things: I was annoyed by the length of the hose and too lazy to get around to cutting it to the right size, and when it is cold outside (hence, cold in my garage) I tend to leave the water in a bladder much longer before cleaning it- in this case in the Source bladder that I am most fond of. About two weeks ago I pulled out the Lezyne and filled it up and it was leaking through the mouth-piece like crazy. It has since gotten much better, but is still leaking some. I can’t figure out why. I can guess that the temperature fluctuations in my garage could do it (but all of my bladders go through this), or perhaps the some dust worked its way into the bite valve and now there is no going back? I don’t know, but it now is on par (leak-wise) with most other bladders that I use.

On a separate note- I tend to tuck the bite-valve across my chest and up through an elastic loop on the front of my pack. Occasionally I forget to un-hook it before I take off my pack. On one of these occasional occasions, the rubber bite valve exterior got caught in the elastic and was pulled off and then shot into the woods. I managed to find it very quickly, but it didn’t take much force to do this. I realize this is nit-picking and is very unlikely to happen to anyone, BUT, the valve exterior does come-off relatively easy, which I also noticed when washing it in the sink. It’s just something for Lezyne to think about for the next version, or for a consumer to consider if you are an imbecile like me.

Still a very good bladder and a great choice if you like to customize the length of the feeder hose to your pack- which I finally did and now I’m much happier.




Matt said...

Have you checked out the Lezyne frame pumps? Those things are awesome - I've got on on the Astrix MTB and it's high volume, with a hose....perfect. Nice company with some really innovative products.

bikefix said...

Bikeworks have a few of their floor and frame pumps in- I really like their version of Topeak's Mountain Morph- it looks well thought out and is surprisingly light. The shock pump is pimp- too bad (for Lezyne) so many forks come with them that there's virtually no market. The floor pumps look nice, but for the money, shouldn't the gauge be at the top of the barrel? Still, very sexy stuff.