10 February 2009

Off to the Races!

By the time you read this, half of the mountain bikers in the Southwest will likely be headed for a dirt road to nowhere, just North of Tucson. That's right, kids- it's 24HitOP time! This year, much of the the Bikeworks / bikefix / Big Wheel Racing crew are traveling in style, eschewing the "compact sport wagon" in favor of a 14' diesel van. Firepit, firewood, big tent, full-size frame, box spring and mattress will make this year much more comfortable- especially if we get a bit of the wintery stuff. What will I be packing? Everything.

If you're out there, look for the www.bikefix.net banner and say hi! Also, be sure to check out our guys Ay Up, Ergon and Siren in the expo area. It should be, as usual, a great weekend- regardless of the weather. Look for a Sprinter van and some race tire and wheel reviews over the coming weeks, as well as more new stuff from Canari, Giro and others. Until then, wish us luck!



Anonymous said...

Big Wheel Racing...that's my team. Cool. Go gang!

bikefix said...

Your girl did good! We managed 7th against some pretty stiff competition thanks to Jen exceeding her expectations all day and night! First SS coed duo, as far as we know...