06 October 2008

Read This: Bike Snob NYC

The name of the blog really says it all. Dan at Bikeworks introduced me to Bike Snob NYC about a year ago, put simply, this guy is as funny as shit. Clearly a bicycle fanatic, Bike Snob throws in his two cents on all manner of urban cycling phenomena. Take this lovely specimen, for example:

This bike is what's beautiful about cycling--it is a unique tool assembled to fulfill a unique need. Personally, I can't imagine a situation that would call for aerodynamics, front suspension, a rear rack, and a triple chainring, but apparently this person finds himself needing to rush places in record time over irregular surfaces while carrying small loads often enough to have built this bicycle. And apparently there's also a pretty big climb somewhere along the way. It's also difficult to imagine what you might wear on a bicycle like this--I'm thinking a skinsuit with a pair of cargo shorts, and I'm also guessing there's a beard and a helmet mirror involved. This bicycle also appeals to me because I happen to have a soft spot for mix-matched brakes. I find using the same style of brake from the same manufacturer front and rear to be boring, and I'm always touched when two completely different brakes come together in a team effort to bring a rider to a stop. With the cantilever front and the dual-pivot rear, this bicycle has the road bike equivalent of a mullet, and I like that.

Dan and I were wondering the other day if Bike Snob were somehow a member of the bicycle industry. How else could he have accumulated so much cycling-related bile and minutiae? On the other hand, he's such a polished writer that we thought he might be a creative of some sort. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter- Bike Snob NYC is a fantastic read. Just don't do it while eating, lest your snack end up all over the keyboard, having been shot out of your nose in a fit of laughter.


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