07 September 2008

Rennen G-Gog

While I'm usually among the first to mock power meters, especially on the road bikes of overweight dentists, Rennen's upcoming G-Cog looks pretty cool. Why? First and foremost, it's for BMX bikes. Yup, BMX. These guys are all about raw horsepower, applied quickly. Second, it's just a big cog with some electronics inside. No real-time monitoring, just some memory and a Bluetooth connection for data downloads. That means that it'll go on most hubs with minimal drama, and can be easily removed as well.

While the memory capacity is no doubt only adequate for BMX (where races are measured in seconds or minuted rather than hours), I could see this being a big hit among singlespeed racers. Heck, even I'd be curious just how much power I'm putting fown when near stalling. In any case, I thought that it was neat. No word on pricing, but they're supposed to be available in October.



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