17 August 2008

the perils of eBaying: MET Kaos helmet for sale

Why do I have to be attracted to the weird shit? After reading numerous very positive UK magazine reviews of MET's Kaos helmet (think Giro Xen that's lighter than your road helmet), I decided that I had to have one of these pimp Italian-made lids. Heck, it looked awesome, got great reviews and (as a bonus), I'd be the only kid on my block with one (the company do not have US distribution).

So, after probably paying too much (including a gobsmacking 30 Euros for shipping), I waited for the slow boat to arrive with my new helmet. After three weeks, a brown box covered in German postage arrived. Inside was a beautiful new helmet- well ventilated, light and even better looking in person! As someone at the large end of Giro's medium sizing, I'd ordered a MET medium (54-57cm). I, apparently, have a 58cm head.

None of the guys at the shop were in the position to pick it up, so here it is! Rather than taking a $60+ hit on shipping, we have here a bikefix Exclusive Deal: One of (if not the) only MET Kaos in the US- yours for $95 shipped, anywhere in the US. e-mail "marc" at our domain name and you're in. Quantities are limited, so act quickly!




Anonymous said...

Hmm.... I too have a 58cm head and was trying to decide between the medium or large (large being 58cm and up). I would prefer medium as looking like a bobble head ain't my thing? I take it that the Kaos medium won't go to 58cm? :/

Anonymous said...
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bikefix said...

Adriaan, Sorry- I'd have to say that a Large is your best bet... Good luck- it's a beautiful helmet!