10 August 2008

bikefix Exclusive Review: Uvex Sport Boss helmet

Uvex helmets just fit me great. It doesn’t hurt that they work well and look good too. This spring, Uvex sent Bikefix the Sport Boss after reading my review of their XP100. I guess they thought if we liked one we would like the other. In this case they were right.

The Sport Boss is a road helmet and uses the same retention system as the XP100. It is a one size fits all system and it works surprisingly well. I have a medium to large round head and I love it, but it also fit my wife who has a very small more oval-shaped head well. Outside of fit, having a good retention system is the major factor in whether people will like a helmet or not. I love the Uvex system. It is intuitive and easy- it only takes one hand to tighten or loosen, even with gloves on. I especially like that it doesn’t pinch hairs (a la Giro's RocLoc).

The Uvex is reasonably light at 250g but I found it strange that the XP100 helmet, which is their trail/all mountain helmet, comes in at the same weight. This is a mid to high-end ($90) road helmet and is extremely light in that category, but if their mountain helmet is the same weight, I imagine that Uvex could shave even more weight off for the weight-weenies out there. Like many Uvex helmets, it has mesh netting across the forward-facing vents in order to stop insects flying in and becoming confused or (worse) angry. As I said in other reviews, I really like this feature because I have had a Bee fly into my helmet vents more than once and it can cause situation with a lot of crash potential as one tries to slow down and get the helmet off- all the while shaking your head and expecting a sting on the forehead. Although not a factor here, when mountain biking, the mesh can also help protect against smaller branches and twigs poking through the front holes.

The photo brochure that came with the helmet shows it with an optional visor, but one didn’t come in the box. I can see the little holes it probably attaches to. A shame because this could make it quite versatile (the photo didn’t make it look that good however). I highly recommend this helmet- assuming it fits your head of course.

The Sport Boss is made in Germany and retails for $90. The Boss Race comes in slicker colors (and may include that visor) for $100.




Barrett said...

I just got hold of Uvex' Boss Pro helmet, and. in terms of initial fit and comfort, it may be the best helmet I've ever strapped on. For the record, the Race is supposed to be a bit lighter than the Sport (by roughly 20 grams or so), but when you reach this level of helmet, unless you race at Cat 2 and above, it's not going to make a huge difference. (Of course, I do the Race colors are a bit cooler...)

- Barrett

bikefix said...


That's great- we're glad you like it!

briko280 said...

Hi, you mention that the helmet didn't comes with the visor.
I got both the SportBoss in road and MTB version. For the road version it called BossRace, it didnt comes with the visor.

For the MTB version it is called SportBossCC, and it do comes with the visor..