26 August 2008

bikefix Exclusive Review: The Ride Journal

Why do we ride? When asked this question by non-cycling coworkers, acquaintances or dates, I tend to offer up some lame statement about how I sort of always have- after 20 years or so mountain biking and nearly that long on the road, I almost don't know any more. Of course it's fun, and the feelings of freedom, challenge and speed are big parts of it. Being a nuts & bolts guy more than blood & guts or feelings & emotions, I tend to be able to communicate better on that level, though and not get too deep into the whys.

After catching a blurb on Singletrack's (easily the best print mag available) website, I made a late night, insomnia-induced purchase of the first issue of The Ride Journal, despite the awful exchange rate and what seemed like high shipping charges. A couple of weeks later, a brown package arrived, liberally sprinkled with adhesive-backed profiles of the Queen. Apparently the shipping wasn't that steep after all.

It's taken me about a month to work through The Ride's nearly 150 pages (of which only 7 are ads). This is the rare kind of reading that's too good for the toilet. The essays (photo and written) inside are some of the best I've read in a long time. While The Ride bills itself as being about the passion of riding, I'd have to say that a more accurate unifying theme would be the romance of our sport. The romance of beautiful days, of suffering, of rides with close friends, of solitary time spent in the saddle and of one of the purest and most beautiful machines ever devised. I'll stop now as I'm clearly out of my depth here, but have to strongly suggest that you click on over to their website and order a copy- it's truly a beautiful thing.



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