08 June 2008

bikefix Initial Review: Fox Bomber gloves

Bad Ass. After my trusty Fox Digits finally bit the dust, I set out for the local shop looking to replace them. There, these shiny black, carbon fiber-knuckled Fox Bomber gloves were just too cool to resist. They have the well-evolved Fox fit that seems to work well for many people and appeared pretty reasonably priced at $40.

It turns out that the Bombers are classified by Fox as a Motocross glove. As such, there are very few concessions to light weight or breathability. On the trail, they certainly feel protective, but get pretty warm pretty darn quick. The cuffs come further up the outside of the wrist than I'm used to, but its not a bad feeling- just different. The carbon fiber knuckle protection is a bit uncomfortable at first, but the padding underneath broke in within a couple of rides and they're now hardly more noticeable than other gloves' knuckles. Despite the numerous seams on these pretty complex little guys, I haven't felt any chafing at all on 3-6 hour rides.

Its early yet, but I've been impressed by the Bombers so far. For more gravity-oriented riders, the added protection will be appreciated and the extra warmth more than acceptable. For those who are looking for something a bit more cycling-specific, the company's Unabomber model has similar carbon fiber knuckle protection for the ring and pinkie fingers, a terry thumb and lighter index and middle fingers.

The lack of a terry thumb is a shame, and now that temperatures are closing in on the 90s here, they're being left home in favor of lighter (though less protective) gloves. At this point, they'll probably be out of service until September or October, which is a shame. I'm considering seeing if anyone on eBay wanted them and ordering up some of the three-season Unabombers. If you suffer from cold hands or tend to hit the ground a lot, though, the Bombers are comfortable, protective and most of all pretty freakin' badass- which is why most folks will buy them in the first place.



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