09 April 2008

Sometimes it rains...

Sometimes it actually does rain here in Albuquerque. Usually, it's during the summer monsoon season when small but intense storms tear through the area. Thanks to the lack of trees and gradual grades, you can usually see them coming, and sometimes they're local enough that you can dodge them, even on the bike. That, however wasn't the case today. I knew that rain was forecast (50% probability), so packed my rain jacket and neoprene-backed Fox Polarpaw gloves and grabbed my fixie. Usually, that's enough to keep precipitation at bay. It seemed to be working, too- until about 3:30 when a slight drizzle started. By 4:00, it was really raining. Repeated checks of the radar suggested that it wouldn't be stopping soon, either.

What I learned from time spent as a tourer, guide and messenger is the best way to deal with riding in the rain is to be prepared and to resign yourself to it. You're going to get wet. Your chamois will squidge every time you sit down. You'll be colder than the temperature will suggest and you'll need to give your bike some love. Once you've accepted that, it's not all bad. Turn on your blinky lights and enjoy a nice warm dinner shower and dinner once you get home.


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