18 April 2008

Sea Oter Tidbits (from 1032 miles away)

It's like Singletrack say: you either get this bike or you don't. I'd like to say that I most certainly do. The Yeti paint job is part of it, but the OG Manitou decals are just plain hot. Note the rear STi lever and front BarCon. The stem looks a fair bit lower than JT would have used back in the day, but nothing's perfect. hame that Yeti builder Chris Herting will only be building 10 examples. No word on skinsuits or Disc Drive wheels, though.

There are photos of a Pivot 29er floating around as well... 100mm of travel and a handful of tweaks (longer stays, steeper head tube). There are new Saint photos floating around too- it's more interchangeable with other Shimano groups and is sporting a black/gold color scheme last seen on a special edition of the LX group (where it looked good but sold poorly).


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