26 March 2008

More 2009 Dura Ace (7900) roumors...

Media Embargo be damned! Cyclingnews' James Huang came out today with an article summarizing a number of the 09 Dura Ace-related rumors that've been floating around for a while. Surprises? Not many. Stiffer, lighter, and carbonier. The biggie, for me, is that it looks as though 7900 shifters/dérailleurs will not be compatible with 7800 parts. This is the result of a SRAM-like increase in cable pull relative to dérailleur movement. Would I be buying a 7800-equipped bike at full price right now? Heck no. Savvy shops will be reducing their 7800 generation prices as they year goes on and especially once 7900 availability is announced. This sucks, as the '08 selling season hasn't even started in most places and customers will be in a bit of a limbo for a while over whether or how long to put off Dura Ace bike purchases. Because the current generation 10s customer base is so large, though, parts will certainly be in production and available for the foreseeable future.

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