18 March 2008

Fondriest is returns to US market

Maybe it's because they were the first proper European (Italian) road bike I ever spent real time on. Maybe it's because their Deda steel and carbon fiber Status Carb combined stiffness, classic thin tubes, and a comfortable ride that was just right for long spring rides on Massachusetts' frost-ravaged back roads. Maybe it was the rubber paint that stayed intact even in the worst of accidents. Whatever the reason, Fondriest have long made some of my favorite road bikes. For the past several years, though, they have been unavailable in the US.

According to Bicycle Retailer and Industry News, that is set to change. Pennsylvania's Velo Europa Imports is announcing that it will be the exclusive US distributor for the brand. It looks like the Status Carb is gone, but I wish them luck nonetheless. Hopefully they can build a reasonable dealer network and support the brand so that new buyers (and old owners) aren't left with an unrideable frame for want of a dérailleur hanger...



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