13 February 2008

We haven't forgotten!

Sorry guys & gals- we've been running around like mad lately, trying to get ready for Saturday's 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo, where we fully expect to be destroyed- both physically and mentally. It's all for you, though: we have several new products in from Uvex, Specialized, and the promise of a go on Ay-Up's sweet-looking LED lights. Of course, we'll have plenty of time on stuff we're alreday riding, so look for several reviews next week- and maybe a quickie tonight. Stay tuned, and if you see the Scandal out there, come on up and say hi!


garethuglow said...

Nice bike ( the scandal). Is it running a magic gear or have you got an eccentric bottom bracket in there? I was put off the scandal because I don't want a tensioner!
Also is this a 29er, and what frame size?
Many thanks

bikefix said...


Thanks! Was out on it today- is still a blast to ride. You can check out my full review here (http://www.bikefix.net/2007/11/bikefix-exclusive-review-on-one-scandal.html), but in that picture I was running a magic gear. I've since installed a Soulcraft Convert tensioner, which is only OK. On-One have a slot dropout version on the way, due around the first of the year (2009). They do not have US distribution at the moment, but can be ordered direct from on-one.co.uk. That's an 18, with a nice long 23.7in top tube. If I had it to do again, I might go up to the 19in size, but am not sure- the bike feels pretty great a it is.


garethuglow said...

Thanks for the reply! I'v been offered a second hand frame for quite cheap, thinking of upgrading my Inbred 29er frame, keeping all the other bits (rigid forks etc). How hard is it to find a magic gear? Guess it just takes a lot of fiddling about with a load of different chainrings and sprockets!