26 February 2008

LondonFixieBike's Iso-Cog hub

We saw this on roadcyclinguk.com earlier and think that it's a pretty cool idea. Shimano's XT-level disc hubs are bombproof, with serviceable cup-and-cone bearings, high flanges, and plenty of metal. While a splined system might be stronger and easier, we like the idea of 6-bolt track cogs. No special tools are required and you're much likelier to have an Allen or Torx key along than a lockring spanner in the case that something does go wrong. It's not a new idea- we've seen re-spaced American Classic hubs for a silly-light setup, but the XTs should run almost forever. The company is selling front XT disc hubs built up with longer solid axles and custom spacers (to take them from 100mm to 120mm spacing) for a very reasonable (particularly if you're in England) £35.95 or $74.


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