22 February 2008

If bigger is better...

...then this thing must kick ass. We didn't get to talk to the owner of this monsterous 'yarder' at 24HitOP, but it was pretty impressive just sitting there. Note the 26in wheeled mountain bike in the background. There were some serious accomodations being made for the wheels, including a Maverick-like offset/layback seatpost, a seriously dropped bottom bracket (relative to the ales), and extra-wide dual-disc thru-axle hubs to give the spokes at least a little bit of triangulation. Dual massive (203mm?) discs were pulled by a single front lever, and the seatstays were clean and pretty.

The fork had no offset that we could see, which should help steering somewhat, and we understand that the rims & tires are monster unicycle specials with some tread cut into them. The contact patch has to be very long & skinny- it must carve like crazy. Of course, without riding one, we have no idea if it rides well at all. Kudos to whoever owns this monster, though, for taking a 'what if' moment through to reality. The devil, as they say, is often in the details, and this monster seemed pretty well sorted.

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