04 January 2008

Integrated Seatpost Questioned?

OK, so Yeti's AS-R Carbon is one pimp ride. 1/2lb less than the aluminum version, and with a 50% stiffer front triangle, it sounds pretty impressive. Bikeradar certainly like it. They do raise a very good point, though. It turns out that the integrated seat mast doesn't save any weight over a more standard setup. It also prevents dropping the saddle (for steep drops or throwing it in the car), shipping in a standard bicycle flight case or box, and no doubt contributes to the $2,700 frame/shock price.

Sure, it probably increases seatpost stiffness, but how many of us think that today's over sized posts are flexy? Heck, we love a springy post on an aluminum hardtail. Of course, it can be hacked off and a standard seatpost fitted, but that seems a shame, doesn't it?


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