09 January 2008

Found! NOS Control Tech Cantis

While having a windshield chip checked out this afternoon, I wandered a couple of doors down to the bike shop. This is one of those shops that has seen better days (I hope) yet still manages to do enough business to keep the doors open. Less-than-consistent staff and some seriously dated inventory don't really pull in the customers, especially in a city with so many bike shops (12 of 15, I believe). There's always the chance of something interesting, though, so I decided to poke around.

In a box of cantilever brakes was a somewhat dingy cardboard box: CONTROL CANTILEVER BRAKE, Weight 140 grams, BLACK. What have we here? Sure enough, it was a pair of beautifully-machined Control Tech cantilever brakes. Of course, in the early 1990s, there were loads of these around- until Shimano unveiled the XTR V-brake and killed everything else. What sets the Control Tech apart, though, is the return spring. Rather than a spring in each arm, the two identical arms have only a set of Delrin (from the look of them) bushings at the brake bosses. The return spring is also the straddle cable, which is actually a spring with long, straight ends. It's frickin' cool and removes a redundant spring. They're light and elegant and are just plain clean. I've got a lot of repect for the folks at Control Tech for thinking outside of the box. When we've reviewed the Paul Neo-Retros, these will probably go on the Raleigh fixed gear...

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Brian said...

Hello, I've got one pair of these brakes and they would love a partner to make a bikes worth.

If you fancy selling drop me a mail please.