30 January 2008

bikefix Exclusive Review: Ground Effect Daddy Long Legs tights

Ground effect is a New Zealand company that I have ordered products from for a few years. They do a very good job on most items and are priced reasonably (US $82.00) after the exchange rate. The Daddy Long Legs are made with thermal Lycra and a Windfoil wind-block front. They caught my eye because they have the wind-block material only to just above the knee. This appealed to me because there are many days (where I live, at least) where tights with a full-front wind protection are too warm, but it’s just cold enough that the thought of tights without any wind protection make you consider skipping the ride and heading down the street for a hot-chocolate or Latte.

The design makes sense to me. On a bike, your shins seem to lead the way forward and take the brunt of the wind-chill. In reality, these tights are only noticeably warmer than regular tights, and not so much that you would be uncomfortable if the temperature soared during your ride. If you really heat-up, your shins can get sweaty but that doesn’t bother me too much.

This is the ideal pair of tights if you are going to buy just one pair. They work well over the largest range of conditions compared to any other tight. I have ridden a number of times where I needed more warmth and protection than these tights give, but not that often [keep in mind that I ride in New Mexico, USA – you northerners will probably use these tights differently].

Aesthetically, the Windfoil area of the tight is a shade of light grey while the rest is black - it is a surprisingly good look. The ankle zippers are on the side and there is reflective piping below both the knees and a reflective patch on the back of both legs. These tights have a good amount of use on them and show no sign of wearing out. I wash them with the rest of my clothes with no bad results.

Americans have to order these online as they ship directly from New Zealand. Definitely pay attention to the sizing recommendations on the website. Try a pair - then post some comments on my review. Go to Groundeffect.co.nz



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