21 January 2008

bikefix Exclusive Review: Craft Windstopper Thermal Tight

[It doesn't take much to make Charlie curse, but it sure takes a lot to make him want to cry. Seeing as he's usually wearing pants when I see him, I really don't think that his problems stem from technique. Our apologies for using a stock photo- we couldn't get him back into these to take one of our own. -marc]

I thought I would try the Craft WS Thermal Tight when I saw it this winter because I like so many Craft products. The Craft tight looks nice when it is on the rack and it feels good when you are wearing it, however, the part in-between is where it fails miserably. It is so hard to get these tights on it will drive you crazy. It took me more than 8 minutes once. This is not a fit issue either. Craft decided to put a Gore Wind Stopper layer inside front of a semi-tight (loose fitting tight) but didn’t tie the layers together. The inner liner just bunches up down below the knee when you try to put it on, making it unbelievably difficult to get your foot through, even after understanding the nature of the problem. It helps a little to take your sock off before trying to slide your foot through, but not much.

To top things off, when I was struggling to get them on one day, the ankle zipper separated and it took me quite a bit of time and effort to get it working again (although not perfectly)

When riding they are very warm and stayed warm even after sweating profusely. I plan to keep these as a back-up pair only and hope I never have to struggle to put them on again.

I hope Craft fixes this design for next year, because I like most of their products. They retail for about $150.00. Don’t buy them.



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ojulius said...

Hmmm, I don't have those problems. I love these tights and wear them for cross country skiing and snow shoeing as well as biking. :)