18 December 2007

These lights look impressive...

How pimp are these? Ay-Up are an Australian company building very small, very impressive LED lights that are also surprisingly insexpensive. Their 'Regular' kit comes with two sets of lights (4 beams total) in your choice of beams and housing color (presumably to set them apart from one another), two three-hour batteries and one six-hour batteries, and all the fixin's. This for $380- only $80 more than most single LED headlights and less than all but the least expensive HIDs. Reviews have largely been positive, though some compromises (ie: switches) have been made in the name of simplicity.

Local ultra-distance guy McTurge has a set, and has been very positive about them. We're planning on riding Wednesday night, so we'll be able to compare them to our L&M HID/Halogen setup. Certainly worth a look- it's starting to look like bicycle lighting is evolving very quickly.

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