11 December 2007

Square Taper: Bringin' it Back

Reader Matt will be thrilled! Velonews have posted images of PMP's new crank/BB system, which combine an external-bearing bottom bracket with spindle that expands into the crank arm thanks to a tapered bolt. The CNC'd cranks look a bit like oversized Middleburns, but can an oversized steel taper compete weight-wise with the 1in tube that has become a de facto standard? Bonus points for thinking outside the box, though.



Matt said...

They get a lot of credit for bringing bling back to the crank. The crank used to be the soul of the bike, and it's great to see some ano options out there instead of these bland and boring Shimano and Truvativ outputs. RaceFace, are you listening? Bring back the independence, the statement, the colored crank!

Will someone unleash the new Kooka!

Anonymous said...

Hear hear! I bet that the Kooka name could be had cheap at this point...