29 December 2007

Magura go back to the future

BIKE magazine are reporting on Magura's new 'bellows-type' air shock, which relies on air (not oil) for damping as well as the spring. This idea is not new- it's used on a number of cars but is most commonly seen in those rubber pillow-looking things in the suspension of 18-wheelers. The concept has been in hibernation, though, since Crosstrac's Sonoma disappeared sometime in the mid-1990s.

The Sonoma used a Pierelli air bladder unit in combination with it's own fork for a surprisingly modern-looking 4in (front & rear) travel bike. Pretty cool, eh? Judging by the lack of photos of the original shock, it may not have been all that. I don't believe that the onZa H.O. forged titanium cranks (also pictured) ever saw production, though. Production for the Magura version isn't expected until mid-summer.


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