18 December 2007

Light & Motion: Popping up all over

We've been using Light & Motion's fantastic HID and halogen headlights for almost four years now (look for a review soon). It seems like, after a quiet couple of years, they're all over the media. The tiny, long-lasting new Stella LED headlamp has been getting rave reviews (see links below), and we'd love to get our hands on a set for upcoming 24-hour races and winter night rides. 300-500g (depending on battery chemistry), with a 5 hour run time (on high), they may be a bit underpowered as a standalone light, but as a helmet light, they should be all but unnoticeable. The batteries are also interchangeable with other L&M models- a huge bonus to those already invested in the company.

Secondly, Light and Motion were the first business in California's Monterey County to be awarded a Green Business award, which is given to businesses which voluntarily incorporate pollution prevention practices, implement waste reduction programs, install water conservation and alternative energy solutions in their operations. Whole Foods and Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary have since followed suit. They have also won their third consecutive WRAP award from the Waste Reduction Award Program for utilizing buy back programs for aluminum, recycling paper, plastics and glass, as well as purchasing green conscious office supplies and offering incentives to employees to use alternate forms of transportation. Going forward, we expect this sort of thing to be more and more common, with green business becoming an integral part of good business and another reason to pick one product over another.

Monterey Green Business Program

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