10 December 2007

Flexible Flyer reviewed: Fisher's HiFi Pro Carbon

Last year, Gary Fisher began advertising a carbon fiber 120mm travel (F&R) , claiming an improbable 23.3lb bike weight. Starting with a 4 3/4lb frame and shock and piling on high-end SRAM, Avid and house brand Bontrager parts, they've apparently hit that mark.

But at what cost? Well, $6500, for starters. For that kind of money, one could build up any number of boutique frames with a fair bit more cachet (and soul?). An XT and Easton equipped Ibis Mojo runs $4500 and a nicely put together Maverick (or Ellsworth or Intense) $5500, and for comparison. But the real cost is likely rigidity. Bikeradar don't say just how heavy their testers are, but they do make some alarming observations: "Even under normal trail conditions, it'll wander and twang noticeably through turns or shift gears unexpectedly... We managed a first-ever 'three gears in one go' ghost shift when sprinting out of one corner and cross-threaded it so badly across an inline log pile that it effectively did the splits and fired us clean into the brambles."

Nonetheless, "everyone was keen to point out the bike's unbelievable lightness and climbing prowess, plus an easy agility that made the least technical riders feel sorted on tight singletrack" and the bike earns four stars out of five. Wow.



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