03 December 2007

Campy get tougher

While their history and high-dollar lustworthiness are hard to deny, Campagnolo's shifting isn't for everyone. While Shimano are well on their way to creating an invisible transition between gears, Campag's shifting has been described as similar to both a race car and a tractor. Somewhat rough, a bit clunky, but solid and impossible to ignore. Of course, as their drivetrains have evolved, Campag's shifting has gotten smoother and, apparently, alienated some pros. The solution, of course, is a stiffer, more solid pro-level shifter. For 2008, according to bikeradar, Campagnolo will be providing it's sponsored riders with stiffer-sprung Ergopower levers (with red lettering) to allow for stiffer, more positive shifts. Despite VeloNews' comment to the contrary, we couldn't imagine consumer version (or, even better, retrofit kit) not following...


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