07 November 2007

TwentyNineInches review a monster 29er tire

WTB's WeirWolf LT 29er tire is massive, in every direction. With a 2.55in casing, with a trimmed-down version of their WeirWolf tread pattern, it has caught our attention at bike shops here in town- looks like just the thing to go fast and avoid pinch flats on our 29ers. Sure, it's heavy, but if its as rocky where you are as it is here, or you're a purist sporting a rigid fork, the WeirWolf may be just the ticket.

TwentyNineInches recon it's "perfect summer for mountain biking here in the Mid-West," though they seem to prefer it as a front, paired with a NanoRaptor in the rear. We can't help but wonder what it would be like paired with a 2.4 NanoRaptor, which we love in a 26 for it's great traction (plenty for rear SS use) and cushion, not to mention fast rolling. If only it was available in that width for 29ers...


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